Our MDWK Studies are an opportunity for you to get plugged in and dive deeper into the Word of God.

WEDNESDAYS: 5:45 - 7:15 PM
5:45-6:00pm (Child Check-Ins & Fellowship) 6:00 - 7:00 (MDWK Studies) 7:00 - 7:15 (Studies End & Child Pick-Ups)
We ask that you register in advance so that you will have a book. 
Studies start Wednesday Sep. 6th

Christ Centered Expository of Ephesians

With Oogie Ogden & Eli Clapper
$5.00 for the book.
Study Ephesians with a Christ centered approach by author Tony Merida.

Christ Centered Marriage

With Kevin & Connie Kirstein
$5.00 per person/book.
It doesn't matter if you have been married a year or 50 years, we need the heart of Marriage that honors God. Delve into your marriage through "Love Like You Mean It" by FamilyLife.

Biblical Manhood

With Bob Lilly & Jared Smith
$5.00 for the book.
Dive into what it means to be a biblical man through the book of Daniel a men's bible study by J.D. Greer.

Biblical Womanhood

With London Roberts & Libby McMahan
$5.00 for the book.
Dive into what it means to be a biblical woman through "Women of the Word" by Jen Wilkin.

Israel Trip 2023

With Dr. Travis Farris
Going to Israel with Pastor Travis this December? Get prepared for your trip in this in depth study with the pastor. (For those going on the Dec. Israel trip)