Employment opportunities

Equal Employment Opportunity Employment  is  granted  to  qualified  persons  without regard  to  race,  sex,  age,  national  origin, physical or mental handicap, veteran’s status or marital status.   To deny a qualified person the chance to contribute to our ministries because he/she is a member of a minority group is unfair to everyone and is not consistent with scriptural principles.  It is our intent and desire to provide equal opportunities in employment, promotion, wages, benefits, and all the privileges, and terms and conditions of employment.  FBC does, however, reserve the right to employ persons who have a  Christian  background  and  philosophy  of  ministry  and  who,  in  the  opinion  of  the  Personnel Committee, have a work history and a lifestyle which is consistent with the scriptural principles of the church.  All employment decisions are made in compliance with applicable law.