GROW GROUPS and D-GROUPS. What’s the difference?

GROW Groups (Sunday School) are Open, Ongoing groups that meet weekly either on or off campus. Most but not all meet on Sunday mornings.
  • D-Groups (Discipleship Groups) are Closed after registration, short term, semester based topical groups often with homework. 

FAll 2022

Sunday Evenings at 6:00 P.M. 
(Read bible For Life begins at 5:00)

Events of the End Times

Events of the End Times

Cost: $3
Begin Date: Canceled for Fall 2022
Facilitator: Carl Powell
This unique 7 session Bible study of the Events of the End Times was written and designed by Carl Powell. This fascinating course brings together years of study about the future prophetic events yet to come. No class size limit

Read The Bible For Life

Cost: $12
Time: 5:00 - 6:30 pm (Sunday)
Begin Date : August 21, 2022
Location:Balcony Room 615
Facilitator:Bob Seifert
This ten-week DVD study teaches believers how to read the various type of biblical literature in a way that unlocks God’s intended meaning, enabling them to accurately interpret the Bible and appropriately apply its teachings to life. Class size is limited to 12.

Step by Step Through the Old Testament

Will NOT Meet During Fall Semester
Cost: $16
Time: TBD
Dates: TBD (Possibly Spring Semester)
Location: Balcony Room 611
Facilitator: Ron Hunt
This 15-week study provides a framework for understanding and interpreting the New Testament and teaches biblical background material. Class size limited to 10.

Wednesday Evenings at 6:00

Grandparenting Matters

Cost: Donation
Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm (Wednesday)
Begin Date: August 17, 2022
Location: Choir Room
Facilitator: Bill Wright
Grandparenting Matters: A small group experience to encourage and equip participants to “grandparent on purpose” by teaching Biblical principles that will inspire to leave a legacy of faith. No class size limit.

Walking With God Through the Bible

Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm (Wednesday)
Registration Begins: Class is open to everyone. Come join us!
A chronological study of the Bible. This class will go from February 2. 2022 - December 28, 2022 during Mid Week Bible Study
Location: Sanctuary
Facilitator: Dr. Travis Farris